Trading Desk

The Gaia Order Management System provides the trader with an outlook on the live orders under his management, and allows him or her to create new orders and follow their execution via a platform in direct connection with the market.

Multiple Interfaces

Gaia provides standard interfaces such as FIX to transmit orders and to track their proper execution within an adjustable workflow.

Integrated Solution

Executed trades are brought back into Gaia as transactions within our integrated solution. As such, they impact the positions of the affected portfolios

Simple, Block and Basket Orders

The manager can also simulate orders in Gaia before sending them to the trader or directly to the broker.

Partial Executions and Order Routing

Orders can be partially executed in Gaia and routed towards various traders or brokers. Gaia provides tracking tools to allow the trader to clearly know which executions have been fully completed and which ones still need to be completed.