Position keeping

Supported Instruments

    • Stocks
    • Regular and alternative UCITS (series and equalization factors are supported)
    • Money market and Fixed income
    • Primary Market
    • Repurchase agreements
    • Spot and forward currency exchange
    • Options, Futures, Fixed Income Swaps and CDS


The position keeping system in Gaia helps the middle officers to input and integrate trades, and to follow the workflow of these trades, which can either be automated (Straight Through Processing) or which can require human intervention, according to predefined and customized processes set up by the Middle Office.


The position keeping system in Gaia manages the matching of transactions, the reconciliation of positions, cash flows and valuations. Gaia provides the Middle Office with all the required interfaces to generate those validations in connection with the fund administrators, depositories and the Back Office.

Matching Interfaces

The interfaces of the position keeping system in Gaia are Swift-Like compatible and ready to be linked to the major market players (CACEIS, BP2S, SGSS, Megara…) via flat files or via XML.

Supported corporate actions:

    • Dividends
    • Coupons
    • Share Attributions
    • Stock Splits
    • Capital Increases
    • Various others…