Multi-unit and Multi-currency Funds

Gaia can maintain and value funds with structures of varying complexity, whether they are multi-unit, multi-currency or mono-unit mono-currency funds. The valuation of these funds can be customized: for example Gaia lets you choose prices originating from a specific administrator and define specific fees calculations, fund by fund.

Insurance Portfolios

Gaia is fully compliant with the insurance regulatory and accounting environment as it manages FIFO stacks, values live stocks and calculates the net accounting value, all while taking the capitalization reserve and the premiums/discounts into account.


To guarantee the correct and auditable net asset value calculation of a portfolio or of a portfolio unit, the valuation of Gaia determines the fee provisions on each unit, the pricing of each non-listed asset (MMI, Swaps,…) and records each consecutive element that lead to the NAV calculation.


Gaia assists you with the validation and the diffusion of the net asset value. To do so, Gaia provides inventories with sectorial analysis and personalized aggregation criteria in accordance with the analysts’ expectations.